Juan Villela

Juan Villela


Senior Full Stack Developer Washington, DC

About Me

As a highly motivated and experienced full-stack web developer, I am excited to bring my skills and passion to a dynamic and innovative team. With a combination of technical expertise and passion for web development, I aim to deliver high-quality web applications at scale.


  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • GraphQL
  • Go
  • Shell


  • React
  • Redux
  • RxJS
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Docker

Work Experience

  1. Senior Full Stack Developer


    Big Pixel Remote

    Taking on a senior role gave me the privilege of serving as a resource for many of my peers. During this time, I’ve focused on ensuring we have solid documentation both in our code and throughout the various channels of communication we utilize.

    Since most of our clientele are corporations in need of internal apps, my job shifted towards web apps, as opposed to a website. But my goals remained the same, reliability and accessibility being at the forefront.

    Here are some of our recent projects:

    MyMedGas (BeaconMadeas)

    • React
    • Redux
    • TypeScript
    • Highcharts
    • Locize
    • MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library)

    • Refactored a legacy React codebase that was optimized for Hooks and offline functionality.
    • Developed two apps:
      • a desktop app serving as a hub for various data points inside the company, with searchable tables displaying large amounts of data.
      • a mobile app for on-site engineers to log technical data offline and queue up requests to the API.
    • Implemented Redux for state management and API interaction via the Microsoft Authentication Library.
    • Integrated Highcharts to visualize data coming from the various machinary connected to Beacon’s network.
    • Implemented localization and translation that supported 7 languages used across 3 continents.

    Toggle Book Factory

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Redux
    • PostgreSQL
    • GraphQL
    • TypeScript
    • Tailwind
    • Shopify

    • Developed a kid’s book builder for schools in North Carolina.
    • Emphasized user experience by crafting a well-planned infrastructure.
    • Orchestrated various web and 3rd party APIs.
    • Iterated and shipped a final product that is easy to use for a young audience and manageable for the client without developer intervention.
    • Leveraged the Shopify API to retrieve product info and assets.
    • Stored book configurations on a serverless Postgres database and API.


    • Angular (SSR)
    • Nest
    • Apollo
    • Graphql
    • Postgres
    • Ionic
    • TypeScript

    • Developed a hub app for Oransi to connect users’ accounts and IoT air-quality product settings.
    • Retrieved data from various services and displayed it in a user-friendly interface.
    • Used the same codebase for iOS and Android apps with the help of Ionic.
    • This was the first project that involved back-end development, which provided an opportunity to improve data management and architectural planning skills.
  2. Front End Developer

    Freelancer Remote

    My time working independently was a pivotal moment for my career. I primarily worked with statically generate sites built using Hugo and Gatsby. My focus centered around small build sizes and accessible design. This was accomplished by often opting for a custom JavaScript solution, rather than picking a library off the shelf. And techniques such as inlining critical CSS, subsetting fonts, and lazy loading assets did wonders for fast load times and a nice experience on slower connections.

    These are some of the sites I helped build:

    Decision Point Healthcare

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • CSS Modules
    • Contentful

    • Converted Figma designs into a live website using Gatsby.
    • Created small and reusable components for easy management and marketing.
    • Integrated website with Contentful for robust content management.
    • Developed a design system for consistent and well-crafted visuals.
    • Enabled the ability to quickly publish new content and capture leads to grow the business.


    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Redux
    • CSS Modules

    • Revamped an outdated website for YouArePreApproved using Gatsby for progressive enhancement and scalability.
    • Created several pages featuring dynamic tables displaying updated lending rates.
    • Collaborated with a design firm based in Poland to create a beautiful and accessible design.
    • Utilized React, Gatsby, Redux, and CSS Modules in the development process.
    • Experience in working with different cultures and asynchronous communication.


Like everyone, this varies. But most recently (last year or so) I’ve been invested in cataloging as much of the stuff I find interesting online as possible. This started with a bookmarking app, then a Google Sheets doc, transitioned into Airtable, and now it’s all on a Postgres + GraphQL server.

This has become such a fun project that I’ve built various mobile scripts with a combination of iOS Shortcuts and Scriptable scripts for saving items. And to further archive and backup data, I’ve made various scripts that run regularly via GitHub Actions. As well as a serverless endpoint on Cloudflare Workers.