Juan Villela

Juan Villela


Senior Software Engineer North Carolina

About Me

I’m an accomplished and driven full stack web developer, eager to leverage my extensive experience and passion for innovation to contribute to a dynamic, forward-thinking team. Possessing advanced technical proficiency and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I strive to deliver top-notch web applications that can seamlessly scale to meet diverse business requirements.


  • HTML
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • SQL
  • GraphQL


  • React
  • Redux
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Jest/Vitest
  • Cypress
  • Docker

Work Experience

  1. Senior Full Stack Developer


    Big Pixel Remote

    • Provided senior-level guidance and mentorship to peers, leading small project teams to successfully build and launch features.
    • Implemented and maintained comprehensive documentation processes to ensure code quality and clear communication.
    • Advised clients on industry best practices, focusing on creating user experiences that users love.
    • Consistently prioritized reliability and accessibility in all projects, ensuring a seamless user experience.

    Here are some of our recent projects:

    MyMedGas (BeaconMadeas)

    • React
    • Redux
    • TypeScript
    • Highcharts
    • Locize
    • MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library)

    • Successfully refactored a legacy React codebase, optimizing for Hooks and offline functionality.
    • Developed two apps, both a desktop and mobile app, focusing on delivering complex data points and technical data logging in a user-friendly way.
    • Implemented Redux for efficient state management and secure API interaction via Microsoft Authentication Library.
    • Integrated Highcharts for effective data visualization from various connected machinery.
    • Implemented localization and translation supporting 7 languages across 3 continents, demonstrating my love for great UI.

    Toggle Book Factory

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Redux
    • PostgreSQL
    • GraphQL
    • TypeScript
    • Tailwind
    • Shopify

    • Developed a user-friendly kid’s book builder for schools in North Carolina.
    • Prioritized user experience through a well-planned infrastructure.
    • Managed various web and 3rd party APIs.
    • Shipped a final product that’s easy to use for a young audience and manageable for the client without developer intervention.
    • Leveraged the Shopify API to retrieve product info and assets.
    • Stored book configurations on a serverless Postgres database and API, highlighting my significant experience with REST APIs.


    • Angular (SSR)
    • Nest
    • Apollo
    • Graphql
    • Postgres
    • Ionic
    • TypeScript

    • Developed a hub app for Oransi to connect users’ accounts and IoT air-quality product settings.
    • Presented data from various services in a user-friendly interface.
    • Utilized the same codebase for iOS and Android apps with the help of Ionic.
    • Demonstrated my extensive experience with GraphQL endpoints.
  2. Front End Developer

    Freelancer Remote

    • Thrived as a self-employed Senior Frontend Developer, focusing on creating optimized, user-friendly websites using technologies like Hugo, Jekyll, and Gatsby.
    • Crafted custom JavaScript solutions, focusing on optimizing build sizes and enhancing the user experience through accessible design.
    • Leveraged advanced techniques like critical CSS inlining, font subsetting, and asset lazy loading to boost site performance and improve user experience.
    • Consistently prioritized efficient build sizes and accessible design, delivering high-quality results that regularly exceeded expectations.

    These are some of the sites I helped build:

    Decision Point Healthcare

    • React
    • Gatsby
    • CSS Modules
    • Contentful

    • Transformed Figma designs into a dynamic, user-friendly website using Gatsby.
    • Developed small, reusable React components for efficient management and marketing.
    • Seamlessly integrated the website with Contentful for powerful content management.
    • Designed and implemented a comprehensive design system for a consistent, engaging visual experience.
    • Enabled rapid publishing of new content and lead capture, driving business growth.


    • React
    • Gatsby
    • Redux
    • CSS Modules

    • Modernized an outdated website for YouArePreApproved, leveraging Gatsby for progressive enhancement and scalability.
    • Developed dynamic pages featuring up-to-date lending rates.
    • Collaborated with an international design firm to create an aesthetically pleasing, accessible design.
    • Effectively used React, Gatsby, Redux, and CSS Modules in the development process.
    • Proven experience with asynchronous communication and working with diverse cultures.


Like everyone, this varies. But most recently (last year or so) I’ve been invested in cataloging as much of the stuff I find interesting online as possible. This started with a bookmarking app, then a Google Sheets doc, transitioned into Airtable, and now it’s all on a Postgres + GraphQL server.

This has become such a fun project that I’ve built various mobile scripts with a combination of iOS Shortcuts and Scriptable scripts for saving items. And to further archive and backup data, I’ve made various scripts that run regularly via GitHub Actions. As well as a serverless endpoint on Cloudflare Workers.